Photo Gallery

Our Mascot Bonnie when she was a little puppy.
Flor Blanca. Sara's birthday. Sara is manager of our Escalon location. The BBQ master is Cristian, our Chief Engineer and Sara's fiancé.
Flor Blanca. Some of our Guests using having a feast. The guest in front with his back to the camera is from Italy, and was the master chef!
Escalón. A birthday party. All of our guests have the use of these facilities for no additional charge.
Escalón. We have had several guests arrive by bicycle. This young 19 year old arrived in the rain with his friend (also 19). They bicycled from Portland Oregon.
Escalón. Here is another bicyclist, this time from Japan. He flew from Japan to New York and then bicycled from there to us, and ultimately to Panama.
Flor Blanca. We really enjoyed hosting RockWell Road. They are a pop rock group from Mexico touring Latin America. Check out their videos on YouTube. Search for RWR or Rock Well Road.
Flor Blanca. Me with our associate Jorge, and a couple of guests in our beautiful Corredor Patio.
Flor Blanca. The new Mercado Cuscatlan with restaurants and bars located on the roof garden terrace. 7 blocks from us.
Escalón. Our beautiful Sala for the use of all guests.
Escalón. Air conditioned double room Cuarto Rojo with private bath and queen size bed.
Escalón. The new private hot water bath for Double Private Room Cuarto Rojo.
Flor Blanca. One of the new upgraded original Mid-Century Modern bathrooms.
Flor Blanca. Triple room Volcán Coatepeque.
Flor Blanca. Private balcony for double room Volcán Chinchontepec.
Escalón. Our front terrace and beautiful tropical garden.
Escalón. The beautiful fountain in our interior patio.
Escalón. La Ventana Restaurant and Pub. On Plaza Palestina, only 2 blocks away. Very popular.
Flor Blanca. The entry with our beautiful Art Deco stairway and patio.
Flor Blanca. I love gardening. This is the side garden along 37 Avenida Sur.
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Flor Blanca. Parque Cuscatlan 1 block away. Some of our guests enjoying EC Tours free walking tour.
Las Cascadas de Tamanique in the Cordillera de Bálsamo or Balsam Coast.
Las Cascadas de Tamanique. Our manager Walter is jumping from the cliffs. Located between San Salvador and the beach.
Hostal Cumbres del Volcan, Juayua, waterfalls, La Calera, Ruta de las Flores El Salvador
Juayua. Los Chorros de la Calera also known as Siete Cascadas on the Ruta de Las Flores.
The world's most amazing festival: Fiesta de Bolas de Fuego Fuego held once a years on August 31.
Night life in San Salvador at Paseo el Carmen in Santa Tecla suburb.
The beautiful Plaza Barrios in the Centro Histórico de San Salvador
Playa Sunzal. Restaurante Betos with my daughter Ruthie. Great place to splurge a little.
Playa Sunzal. La Curva de Don Gere. Sunzal is right next to Playa El Tunco.
Lago de Coatepeque crater lake. I am with my friends Armando and Mercedes.
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